Welcome to Ukiyo-World.

Ukiyo-world se consacre à la vente d’estampes japonaises.

The works are traded through this website, our physical shop located at 29 rue des Dames in Paris and in our eBay shop.

This site is intended for the promotion, dissemination and expertise of Japanese prints from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

To contact us, to ask us, to inform us or to order, you can contact us by mail with the form below or at 0603170896.

Enjoy your trip to the Floating World.



Chantelou Cosmina EI

14 Villa Le Mesnil

92320 Châtillon – FRANCE
Site Internet : UKIYO-WORLD.com
E-mail : boutiqueuw@gmail.com
 tel: 0603170896

Siret: 81386919500012  RCS de Nanterre

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